Wildlife Capture and Translocation

Conservation Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in catching and translocating more than 40 wildlife species across the continent. We have been responsible for some of the largest and most complex translocations ever undertaken in Africa. Well protected areas are rapidly dwindling, and numerous species are on the decline. Conservation Solutions is privileged to play a critical role in efforts to maintain and re-establish the biodiversity of these ecosystems. 

Wildlife Veterinary Services

Conservation Solutions has undertaken countless wildlife management projects including collaring, monitoring, disease testing and capture management, all requiring specialised wildlife veterinary experts. 

Specialised Capture Equipment and Logistics

Conservation Solutions designs and builds specialised capture and loading equipment for a variety of species (including elephants and rhinos). The equipment and transportation crates are manufactured in our own workshop. We regularly plan and offer logistical solutions for complex translocation projects.


Customised Transport Crates 

Transport crates and loading systems are custom designed and tailor made for each species.


Transport Animals by Air 

Conservation Solutions has successfully transported a number of animals by air, across international borders. We will charter a suitable aircraft, and supply a highly experienced team to ensure the safety of the animals throughout the journey. 


Transport Animals by Road

Conservation Solutions has all the specialised equipment, vehicles and professional’s necessary to transport large numbers of animals over long distances.

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