The start of rebuilding Zinave’s Elephant Population

The translocation of 53 elephant from South Africa, initiated the process of restocking the Mozambican Park


PEACE PARKS; UMKHUZE GAME RESERVE, ITHALA GAME RESERVE; Mozambique’s Administracao Nacional de Areas de Conservacao (ANAC)


Over the last couple of years we have been involved in restocking and repopulating of various species in Zinave National Park. The relocation of 53 elephant in 2018 from South Africa to Zinave National Park was the initial translocation, starting a founder population of elephant in the park, which we would then continue to boost in further operations in the following years.  

29 elephant came from Umkhuze Game Reserve, and 24 from Ithala Game Reserve. The journey spanned 1250km from South Africa to the Mozambican Park.