Largest white rhino translocation by air

30 White Rhino translocated from South Africa to Rwanda


African Parks; andBeyond; the Rwandan Development Board and with the funding provided by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation


We were privileged to be involved in the largest single rhino translocation ever undertaken, relocating 30 white rhino from AndBeyond Phinda in South Africa, to Akagera National Park in Rwanda. The move was the culmination of months of planning, with the intention of securing a new breeding stronghold in Rwanda, and ultimately supporting population growth to ensure the long-term survival of this iconic species.

After being carefully captured in September 2021, the animals were held and monitored for a mandatory 45-day quarantine. Each animal was fitted with a transmitter to enable their constant tracking and to ensure their security upon arrival in Akagera National Park. The rhinos were loaded into their custom-built crates and driven a couple hours to King Shaka International Airport.  

The Boeing 747 was carefully loaded with over 80 tonnes of Rhino Cargo, and after a 4-hour flight to Kigali International Airport, the rhino touched down in Rwanda. The final leg of the journey consisted of a 4-hour drive to Akagera National Park, where the animals were then off loaded into camps. The rhino were held in the camps temporarily, and monitored to ensure their successful acclimation, before their final release into the greater park.  

After an approximately 34-hour journey, the precious cargo finally took their first steps in their new home.

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