Tembe Tuskers relocated to improve genetic diversity

The relocation of two impressive elephant bulls from Tembe Elephant Park to Buffalo Kloof in South Africa


The Aspinall Foundation, Albus Environmental, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and Buffalo Kloof


In an attempt to improve genetic diversity while reducing elephant populations numbers, we aided in a relocation of two tuskers from Tembe Elephant Park in northern KwaZulu-Natal to Buffalo Kloof Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.  

Over the last few centuries, elephants have been selectively killed for their tusks. Over time the size of tusks seems to have gotten smaller or in some cases there is a pre-ponderance of tusk-less animals in herds. Tembe Elephant Park in Nothern Natal is unique - they have a population of elephant with enormous tusks. Buffalo Kloof in the Eastern Cape has a herd of elephant which live in a fenced area, therefore, with no option to migrate, there is no opportunity for new genetics. By moving two tuskers to Buffalo Kloof we are not only reducing the population of elephant in Tembe but we are also improving the genetic diversity of the elephant population in Buffalo Kloof.

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