Longest giraffe translocation by road

The relocation of 10 giraffe, 2600km from south Africa to Malawi


African Parks , Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Tracy & Du Plessis Game Capture, The Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), Neil Harvey, and Mount Verde Game Sanctuary


In October 2021, we translocated 10 South African giraffes from South Africa to Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi to bolster the existing population of 13 individuals, which we introduced in 2018, and to increase genetic diversity.  

After being carefully being captured in Mount Verde Game Sanctuary in South Africa, and spending several weeks together in a boma, the 10 giraffes were loaded into a truck and driven 2,600 km to Malawi. After 4,5 days on the road, the giraffe arrived safely in Majete Wildlife Reserve, completing the longest wild giraffe translocation ever undertaken by road.

Watch their story here...