Rapid Emergency Response to relocate Elephant

The relocation of 5 elephant, who were roaming unsecured farms and roads putting them in imminent danger


Wildlife Emergency Fund, African Wildlife Vets, Provet Animal Hospital and Hope for Wildlife Helicopter Services, fundamentally supported by Andy Malcolm and the Malcom Family


In July 2020, we assembled a rapid response team to relocate a herd of 5 elephant in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.  The herd was roaming a number of unsecured farms and roads, putting them in imminent danger, meaning an emergency response operation was necessary to move the animals out of harm’s way to a safer protected reserve.

Despite COVID times, the collaboration of individuals and organizations who assembled at such short notice, to immobilize and relocate the animals to safety, was incredible! The elephants were relocated to a secure property managed by the Strauss Family who have committed to ensuring the long-term safety of the animals in their new home.