Largest movement of rhino into Tanzania

9 East African Black Rhino translocated from South Africa to Tanzania, increasing the country’s population by 10%.


Grumeti Fund, Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources; Thaba Tholo private reserve


In 2019, we were privileged to play a fundamental role in the largest ever single movement of rhino into Tanzania. This translocation established a founder population of nine eastern black rhino, increasing the national population of this critically endangered species by approximately 10%.

The animals, who were carefully selected by age and genetic composition, are directly related to the rhino removed from East Africa in the 1970’s and will be of extreme value to the genetic diversity of the existing Serengeti rhino population. The rhino were transported from Thaba Tholo Game Farm in South Africa by truck to Johannesburg International Airport.

From there they boarded to a chartered 747 cargo plane, alongside four wildlife veterinarians and a rhino behavior specialist to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. From Kilimanjaro the rhino boarded a C130 flying to the Grumeti concessions and were transferred by truck to their temporary enclosures. They remained in the boma facility until such time as the team of wildlife veterinarians deem them fit for release into the wider Serengeti ecosystem.

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